Swiss Netball needs you! Could you give some of your time and expertise to help us continue to grow?

There are many opportunities to get involved in all key areas of work, short-term or long-term, giving just a few hours of your time, or more!

Do you have some time to help out with communications: web work, social media, press relations? Or logistical support for events: managing the buvette, picking up international umpires, shopping for supplies? Do you have technical skills (legal, internet, design?) which could be called on from time to time, or do you have good fundraising contacts? Or would you (if you’re a member of a Netball Centre) consider standing for election to the Swiss Netball Committee?

We have some fantastic people on board already who are great fun to work with, and of course, we all share a common end goal. Even just a few hours here or there from time to time would be greatly appreciated, and would serve to better share the work load across the fabulous team already in place. We've achieved a great deal over the last 6 years and aspire to do much more with your help. Thank you.

For more information and for any questions contact admin@swissnetball.ch